Christmas is almost here!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! At least that’s how I feel about it! I love the lights, the sights and the sounds of this season. Although it can be stressful to many people, I try not to focus on those things, and simply enjoy the holidays.

If you tend to get caught up in the negative parts of holidays – the crowds, the expense, the stress of entertaining – try to give yourself a few days off. The stressful part will soon be over, and you can deal with the business of “un-doing” Christmas next week.

For the next few days, try to relax, breathe, and simplify! You’ve gotten everything done that you NEED to do, and if it’s not done, maybe it’s not really necessary. Give yourself permission to just enjoy the time with friends and family, the beauty of decorations and snow and music. Remember what’s important to you at this time of year.  All the other stuff in your life is not worth your time!

Here’s hoping you all have a blessed and peaceful Christmas and New Year’s. I’ll be giving you tips and pointers for getting organized soon – and we’ll be off to a fresh, clean start, to Put it Simply!


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