What do YOU Want to Know?

I know that most people write blogs to inform others about things they’re passionate about, have knowledge of, or just want to share. I’m certainly no different than most bloggers, I hope – but I do want to make sure that what I’m writing about is something that people might be interested in! After all, I’m not writing for myself here – I mean, sure, I can go back and read my own posts, but after a week or so of that, the thrill is gone LOL!

So – my question to YOU is, What do YOU want to know about organizing or decluttering, or filing or scheduling, or anything else that might fall under the category of getting organized? Do YOU have a specific question, or problem, that you can’t seem to find an answer or solution to? Give me a shot at providing that information for you!

I’ve started writing some articles, and will be publishing snippets of those here in the blog, too, so keep your eyes peeled for a topic that hits home with you. If you don’t see it here, please ask!


3 responses to “What do YOU Want to Know?

  1. Hello this is Jackie your new blog buddy, I chose you because I live in ILLINOIS and I love to organize. I don’t have a business but would love to start my own. I have all the information and maybe you can help me. I am having one problem, I had to move to a one bed one bath apartment for a year and staying organized is so hard with such small space. Do you have any ideas?
    I hope to move by May.

  2. Hi Jackie – welcome and thanks for reading my blog! I checked out your blog too and look forward to reading it as we go along.

    Staying organized in a small space can be a huge challenge, but if you love to organize, you’re going to be able to do this! Thanks for the suggested topic – and I will be posting something about this today. Have a great day!

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