How to make Cleaning Day effortless!

Whether or not you clean your house daily, weekly, or only when Grandma is coming to visit, there are ways to make it much less stressful on yourself!   Begin by having a container that you store all your cleaning products in. I have a great carry-all bag that has room for everything I need – cleaners, cloths, wipes, brushes, etc. – and I store it under the kitchen sink. When it’s time to clean, I just grab the bag and don’t have to hunt down supplies from all over the house.  Any type of container will do – a basket, bucket, or tote – I do recommend that it be something waterproof, or at least something you can wash or wipe down.

Remember when cleaning your living areas, start at the TOP of the room with dusting. Use a long-handled duster type tool to clean ceiling fans and cobwebs from those high places. Move around the room in one direction, from top to bottom, until you’re done. After dusting, wipe down any other surfaces such as wood, glass, or metal. Don’t forget to dust lampshades and picture frames, too! Finally, it’s time to vacuum. If you have cushions that can be moved on your couches and chairs, vacuum under them, too (after you remove the Doritos and coins you find there!) 

In the bathroom, begin the same way by dusting. Yes – this room has dust, too! Start at the top, and work your way down.  Don’t forget to dust the light fixtures over your mirrors.  Next clean the mirrors and shower/tub. (HINT: I find it easier to clean the showers when you are already IN them – clean, then take your own shower. Much easier to rinse!) Then clean your toilets, and empty the trash, and end up with the floor.

For the kitchen, you get the pattern – start with dusting (making sure to COVER any food, utensils or dishes that may be on the counters). Clean the tops and handles of appliances, too. Clean the counters, and cabinets, and finish with the floor.

By having all your supplies together in one container, and by following the top-to-bottom path of cleaning, you will save yourself steps, time, and trouble! Happy Cleaning Day!


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