Control Closet Clutter

One of my favorite areas to organize is the closet. This is probably because the results can be so visually appealing, and when you can see your progress every day, you’re more likely to keep it neat! If you have a jumble of clothes – some on the floor, some piled on shelves or stuffed in drawers, some on hangers (sort of), then you need a plan. Perhaps you also have shoes scattered on the floor, or belts and scarves haphazardly thrown wherever you can find a spot. Do you have trouble finding clothes in the morning? I don’t mean DECIDING on an outfit – I mean, FINDING it!  Here are a few easy tips to help make it easier and keep it organized:

  • Take everything out and put it on the bed
  • Things that don’t fit, are in disrepair, or that you simply don’t like or haven’t worn in 6 months – put these in a box or bag to take to your favorite charity. (Things that are worn out should be tossed.)
  • Find something to store shoes – either a low shelving unit, or a shoe bag you can hang on the door – and put shoes that are “in season” in this. (store out of season shoes under the bed or in the attic)
  • Now it’s time to organize and re-hang the clothes you have remaining. First, group them by like kind – i.e. dresses, skirts, dress pants, dress shirts, other pants and shirts. Within each group, line them up by color. I like to use the ROYGBIV system – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet (then I add black, brown and white).

You’ll be surprised how much easier it is to locate that perfect outfit that you KNEW you had in the closet. And stay ahead by getting out your clothes the night before instead of in the morning!


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