A Quick Time-Management Trick

So it’s a busy day, and you have about 5 places you need to go. Let’s imagine that you have to: drop off the dry cleaning, go to the bank, pick up some groceries, fill up your car with gas, and pick up a fast food order for the kids at the drive-through.  Rather than just randomly attacking your To-Do list, prioritize your errands. Sounds simple, but so many people end up backtracking, or doing things in an illogical order, and end up spending unnecessary time and money. 

Obviously the last 2 things on your list should involve the food – some cold, some hot.  You know that your last stop should be picking up the hot fast food order, so map out your remaining tasks leading up to that one. Make a circle of the places you need to go, and arrange your route so that you don’t have to go in opposite directions more than once. The first 3 stops can be done in any order because they don’t involve temperature sensitive things, so hit the farthest one away first, then the next two in the order they come on your route. Your next to last stop should be the grocery store (cold items will remain colder longer than hot items will remain hot), and finally end up with the burgers. I always plan out my errand route, no matter how few I have to do. Keeps me from passing myself on the road!


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