On the road again…

People often tend to overlook their car when thinking about clutter and organization, but I can’t tell you how many cars I’ve been in where I’ve had to spend 10 minutes clearing junk out of the way to find somewhere to sit, or had to keep my feet elevated to avoid crushing piles of trash on the floor!  Take a few minutes (or more, depending on how much stuff you have) to clear out your car. Go armed with trash bags or boxes, and take out EVERYTHING – even things that DO belong. Once you’ve emptied out the stuff, vacuum and wipe down the surfaces and clean the windows (or have someone else do it for you!) No sense putting things back into a dirty car.

I keep a collapsible fabric bin (available for $2-$3 at  craft or home stores) in the back of my car. When I just have a few bags after shopping, I place them in the bin to keep them from sliding around or spilling over. I can also just grab the bin and bring it into the house rather than having to tote in 3-4 bags.  There are also carriers made specifically for housing the emergency things you need to keep in your car. Because I don’t have kids, I’ve not found it necessary to do that, but it’s definitely a good option.

My glove box contains important papers for the car (such as manuals and service records).  The passenger side door pocket contains maps, and the console between the seats contains chargers, hand sanitizer, flashlight, pens and paper. I also have one of those emergency glass break/seatbelt cutting tools that fits in my side door pocket on the driver’s side.  Keeping an umbrella and spare jacket in the back completes my car supplies, and all but 2 of them are unseen! No seat or floor space is taken up with items. Assess your needs and outfit your car accordingly. Happy and safe driving!


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