Beautify your bathroom

One of the most overlooked rooms in the house is often one of the most used! Especially the Master Bath – because it’s not seen by guests, homeowners tend to neglect it.  Clutter in the bathroom not only takes up valuable space, but makes the room a less-than-serene environment for what should be a relaxing location.  It’s not hard to make this room a spa retreat with some simple and inexpensive fixes.

Begin by taking everything out of the bathroom and giving it the royal cleaning treatment. Start at the top – the ceiling, corners, light fixtures, top of door – and work your way around and down the room. People don’t often think of dusting a bathroom, but don’t overlook this important step! Clean the shower, counter, mirror and toilet. Finish with the floors, and then you’re ready to continue.

If you have limited cabinets or drawers, chances are most of your stuff ends up on the counter. Whatever CAN be placed underneath should be. If you need to keep things out on the counter, purchase a couple of attractive wicker baskets to house those items. Roll up a couple of clean white towels and place them in a basket, and add a simple candle to complete the spa like setting.

For all the other items that go under the counter, you can get more baskets, or an inexpensive slide-out shelf unit. These can be found at bath and kitchen stores. Before you put items back under the counter, throw out anything that’s old, not used, or almost empty. The remaining items should be stored in the containers where they are out of sight, but easily accessible.

Maintain your nice clean bathroom with a 5-minute daily cleaning – wipe down all surfaces, shine the mirror, and make sure all your ‘stuff’ is where it belongs!


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