Now where did I put that??

Now that Spring is just around the corner…and here in the Piedmont, it seems to BE here already…it’s time to start planning your garden. Not that I’m claiming to be a gardener, by ANY means. I like to pick out the pretty flowers – point to where I want them in the ground – and sit on the porch and look at them! However, I do realize the value in doing some planning and preparation.

Did you plant bulbs in the fall? Do you remember where you planted them? Are you afraid that you are going to dig them up to plant something in the spring before they bloom?

  • Take a picture. Once they are blooming this year, take a picture of your lovely flowers.
  • Draw a map. It can be crude, no worries. Just indicate where they are in relation to other things.

Now it’s Spring and you want to plant new stuff – some annuals, some perennials. Next year, you might want to remember where the perennials were so you can look for them again. Take a picture, draw a map.

No need to keep asking every year – “now where did I put that?”


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