Spring Cleaning – Game Plan

Nothing can make you feel more ready for Spring than the smells and sights of a clean house.  It doesn’t have to be a headache OR a lengthy project. With some careful planning and an easy Game Plan, it can be a breeze!  The key is planning – plan what supplies you need, plan what areas need to be tackled, and plan the order in which you will clean.   I have found that for THIS project, I plan it by the JOB, and not by the ROOM (kitchen and bathroom being the exceptions).  So for each job listed below, do it for the whole house – not just one room!

First, make a list of all the supplies you will possibly need. I won’t go into green vs. not-green at this time, so use whatever products work for you. You’ll need cleaners for wood, glass, metal, counters, and floors. You’ll also need wipes for those things – rags, sponges, mitts, towels – whatever you find most efficient. Don’t forget the tools, like brooms, mops, vacuums, high-reach dusters, etc. Finally, gather all the supplies you need into a caddy, basket, or bucket, and roll your sleeves up!

I suggest putting on some energizing music – whatever makes you happy, and keeps you moving. You might also open some windows if it’s warm enough; the outdoor freshness will motivate you.  Here’s MY 7-day Game Plan for spring cleaning:

  1. Day One – Start at the top of every room.  I use a long-handled magnetic-type duster and go around the ceilings, tops of windows, ceiling fans and light fixtures, bookcases, etc. Dust in a clockwise motion and work your way around the rooms. Then continue with the dusting process – all wood surfaces, glass surfaces (including mirrors, but not windows), and electronics. Clean all blinds, making sure to get between slats.  Your goal for this day is to have all the dust/dirt on the floor! (note: if it’s a LOT of dust/dirt, go ahead and do a quick vacuum to avoid tracking it through the house. Otherwise, let it wait until the day for vacuuming!)
  2. Day Two – Vacuum couches, chairs, and cushions. Wash/vacuum area rugs (shake them off outside first). Vacuum and mop all floors in the house. Shampoo any carpets that need to be done.
  3. Day Three – Laundry: wash all curtains (including shower curtains), all bedding, and any throws or other fabric items that you have around the house. Don’t forget the mattress pads and bathroom rugs. Flip the matresses, and remake the beds and rehang curtains when they’re done.
  4. Day Four – Clear kitchen counters and sanitize them. Wipe down all cabinets and organize anything in them that’s cluttered (i.e. plastic storage). Wipe off top of the fridge and microwave. Clean out the fridge and freezer. Clean out oven and inside of microwave. Sanitize sink and garbage disposal. Sanitize any other surfaces.
  5. Day Five – Empty all trash cans and sanitize them. Change filters (furnace, water filters, etc.). Replace smoke detector batteries or any burnt-out lightbulbs. Wash all windows in the house – inside and out. Don’t forget the window sills.
  6. Day Six – Clean all toilets, sinks, showers, and bathroom cabinets. Pay special attention to corners that you may have missed on Day One. Organize counters, cabinets and drawers, and purge anything expired or empty.

That’s it. I know I said it was a 7-Day Plan, but the 7th day is for you to celebrate and enjoy! Light some candles, decorate with fresh flowers, and revel in your accomplishments!


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