Organize your bedroom for peace and comfort: Step 1 – define the space

Is your bedroom a place of serenity and comfort? Or do you dread wading through piles of clothes and an unmade bed every night? There are some very simple steps to help you make this room a place of tranquility. This is the first in a series of articles to show you how to make your bedroom the most desirable room in your house.

The first step is DEFINING THE SPACE. Many people don’t even think about the purpose of a bedroom, beyond the obvious sleeping and romance! But you’d be surprised how often this room gets overlooked, because typically it’s the least seen room in your house. There is a tendency to pile up junk in your bedroom – clothes, shoes, books and magazines, projects you’re working on. If it’s out of the main traffic areas of the house, then no one will see it, right?

But what does that accomplish for YOU? A feeling of dread and stress when it’s time to retire for the night. You know that you didn’t make up the bed this morning, and that the laundry is piled up on the chair, and that there’s a stack of books on your nightstand that you mean to read, and the list can go on and on.

The key is to define the space. Don’t let your bedroom be a psuedo-office, or a catch-all for everything you don’t know where to put. Your bedroom should be used only for the following:

  • SLEEP/ROMANCE – this seems obvious, but is the most critical use of the bedroom. Later I’ll discuss how to bring the peace and tranquility to the bed with the use of bedding and color. The rest is up to you!
  • STORAGE – you will still have to use the bedroom for storage of things like clothes, shoes, makeup, and jewelry, but I will show you creative, simple and inexpensive ways to do so.
  • RELAXING – this is one of the most important aspects of your bedroom, and I’ll share tips on how to create that sense of calm and serenity, while maintaining the form and function of the room.


Nothing more! Notice that there is no eating or working listed above. Now you have a clear idea of exactly WHAT should go on in your bedroom. Once you begin to organize this space for its intended purposes, you will begin to look forward to going to bed, and to relaxing in the oasis that you have created!


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