Organize your bedroom: Step 2 – say it with color


In a previous article, I discussed how to define the space that is your bedroom. We’ve established that the bedroom serves 3 major functions: Sleep/Romance, Storage, and Relaxing. Once you’ve decided to work on getting your bedroom to be your calm oasis, the real muscle work comes in! The 2nd step in organizing your bedroom for peace and comfort is to SAY IT WITH COLOR.

A good rule of thumb when painting any room of your house is to go neutral — and neutral comes in many shades. From whites to beiges to grays and even browns, find a shade that’s just right for you. Go to your paint or home improvement store and get color samples. Bring them home, and see what color goes best with your lighting, and with existing pieces that you plan to keep. Bedrooms will use a flat wall paint, which will not reflect light and appear shiny. Once you have picked out your color, and know that it’s the one you want, go ahead and get some friends together, and start painting. A nice, crisp white trim color will make windows and doors stand out, as well. Play up any architectural features you might have in this room, such as arches, tray ceilings, chair rails, wainscoting, or fireplaces. But remember to keep it neutral. Not only will this help you when it’s time to accessorize, it will be more appealing to a majority of buyers whenever it’s time to sell your house.

So now that you have painted your bedroom a nice soft neutral color (I’m personally fond of taupes and chocolate browns, it’s time to tie in the accessories that will compliment your wall color. You will need bedding, window treatments, and other accessories (such as baskets, pictures, etc.). If you need ideas for colors that go together, visit your home improvement store, or look online at different decorating websites. Remember that dark colors make a room look smaller, while lighter colors make it look bigger. By hanging curtains above the windows (up to the ceiling), you make the room appear taller. Some really neat shabby-chic curtains can be found made out of muslin, sailcloth, or you can even make them yourself from sheets. You don’t need expensive, custom draperies to make the room look crisp and cozy! The complimentary color(s) you’ve chosen should be used sparingly – DON’T but a boldly colored or busy-patterned bedspread on your bed. Keep the spread simple, and accessorize it with a few pillows, or a peek of color on a blanket folded at the bottom. If you have a desk or dresser, add a few baskets or trays in your color choice. This will help you keep things organized. Your bedroom is well on it’s way to becoming your oasis of calm and comfort!


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